Yummy Liquid´s 70ml

Our Yummy`s are especially tasteful compounded liquids to drizzle all feed.
The special contained natural flavorings ensure that the food is well received and consumed, for example
-  a change of the used feed,
-  for new animals (whether wild or from a farm), who often do not want to eat at the beginning because they do not know it yet.
-  if one of the animals is struck, and does not eat, or the feed is denied for any other reason.


Yummy's are of an oily texture that completely encases the food, but leaves it in its original form and yet containing a full-bodied taste that will stimulate your pet's appetite and is so irresistible that even your worst eater will eat it with enthusiasm.
Yummy's are available in two flavors:

- Amazing Taste with delicious fish note
- Tasty Garlic with a fine garlic taste
Compound feed for all fish

Feeding instructions:
Add a few drops to your desired amount of food. Guide value 1ml to 100g feed

Amazing Taste

Composition: oils and fats.
Tasty Garlic

Composition: animal by-products

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15,70 € / 100 ml
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